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There were all sorts of things for putting on your chains in those days, typically based on grease with added graphite, black mucky stuff. I’m not sure when the factory started offering the little cylindrical chain-oiler tanks, but probably 1929, after it was noted that the earlier angular tank precluded the fitting of a Magdyno due to the height of the latter. I think that you should have room for one of the cylindrical tanks… Incidentally, when my father (1908-1985) was doing a lot of push-bike racing he didn’t oil or grease his chains. He used powdered graphite. In 1927 he jointly held the record from Trent Bridge in Nottingham to the Clocktower in Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast, in three hours, eighteen minutes, and fifty seconds. The record stood for several years. His fellow record holder was a chap called Andy Bone, who built ‘Paragon ‘ racing bikes, and who in later years became the first Honda dealer in Nottinghamshire. I’m rambling again…