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I really do think that someone being a “Valuer” for the SOC is a definite NO. An absolute minefield, as one would be asked to give opinions based on photos, and who knows if frame and engine numbers have been ‘got at’ ? Then what is the internal state of engine, gearbox/two-speed gear, etc. ? The prices being asked at the moment for some very ‘iffy’ machines are quite incredible, but somewhere out there are potential buyers with more money than sense, wearing rose-tinted glasses. Probably NOT members, who are much more aware of the pitfalls and prattfalls….
Of course, at the end of the day, it is a matter of supply and demand, and complete Scotts are rarely offered for sale within the pages of Yowl these days, and prices do get driven sharply upwards by a lack of really good machines on the market. For instance look within the pages of recent VMCC Journals…..You rarely see even spare parts for sale ! For some unknown reason those ‘classic’ magazines that have largely ignored Scotts for years, have suddenly woken up to them in recent months. Great for attracting potential new members, but again it will drive up prices.
It is such a difficult issue that I wouldn’t even like to confirm “Agreed Valuation” figures for insurance companies, never mind the values of bikes that are for sale. CAVEAT EMPTOR…