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Geoff, the problem is that owners of prestigious vintage bikes, like Brough Superiors, Coventry-Eagle Flying Eights, McEvoys, etc., see the Bonniksen Speedo as the icing on their two-wheeled cream cake, and they are prepared to pay well over the odds, as when their machines are topped by a Bonniksen the sale value of the bike is increased by more than what they have paid for the speedo. The one I sold earlier this year for £2600 (!) was the very top of the Bonniksen range,100mph, machined not pressed bezel, all the bells and whistles, and the sought-after black face. In addition it was complete with the drive gear, drive gearbox, handlebar clamp, and all other fittings, and in good working order. Just the ‘clock’ on its own won’t fetch the high price… In my case I think there was a bidding war between a couple of well-heeled BS owners determined to have it for their bikes at virtually any cost.