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Stan Thomas

Plating Scott radiators is fraught with problems, not the least of which is polishing.

As they are soft-soldered , too much heat generated by the polishing process can affect the solder – which is why (I think) Geff Case or one of the lads from South Wales who used to come to Midlands Meetings said they did their own polishing. A rad I once sent for plating came back with four leaks.

Also, you need to solder blanks over the hose connections and block the overflow tube so the plating solutions do not get inside.

Finally, when it comes back (after the promised two weeks has become six months) do wash it thoughly and I mean thoughly especially if it has not been blanked off.

Ears agoo (as they say in Bermingum) I had ten radiators made as a batch for fellow members at £108 a chuck (£100 + VAT at 8%) and three or four of them developed early leaks because they were left unused for some time and the residue plating solution digested the soldered joints.

(thinks) No reason why you could not make an air cooled barrel. ………………………..