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I have been on to Holders to chase up the two 26t gears that I am short of. They say that they are still waiting for a production space for what will be a small batch. I have pointed out that what I have bought is no use without the last gear in the set (nor is their current stock once we know that a complete set cannot be purchased). I have been asked to ring again in 8 weeks which I will do. I don’t know if all who have posted comments have been in touch with Holders but if not please contact Julie. The greater the number of enquiries the better the chance of some action.

As a backup plan, the gear is available as a stock item from HPC gears at £44.69 +VAT in EN24 steel ( discounted for quantity above 6). The gear is 10DP and 20 degree pressure angle which is the same as the Scott gears. The stock gear has plenty of meat on it for machining to size ( it is not a difficult one to make once the teeth are cut). Heat treatment would be extra as would a case hardening steel such as EN36. There would, I suggest, be no change out of £100 each for small numbers.

As we are getting to the end of the riding season, I suggest we wait for the result of my call to Holders in early December and see what transpires then.


Geoff Green