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Your best bet is certainly SAFTEK, as advertised in most of the classic/vintage magazines. If you send them the clutch sprocket they can replace the inserts with rings of modern friction material, all at a very reasonable cost, and with a very fast turnaround too. When you look at the clutch sprocket with the inserts removed you will think that there is VERY little metal left between the holes for the friction rings to be bonded to, but fear not…. They first fill all the holes with some sort of heat resistant epoxy resin type stuff, face it all flat, and then bond the new rings to that.
However, if your cork inserts don’t look worn, why bother ? A good clean up, and making sure that the tongues on the plates are free in the slots in the clutch drum, should restore everything to sweetness and life at no cost.
In the past couple of years I had what I can only describe as a clutch overhaul/rebuilding frenzy, with boxes of cream-crackered and dismantled old clutches (about 15 !), all rebuilt and most sold to members. I do have a handful left, ready to fit and go, including Flyer, TT Rep (banded), and Sprint Special (twin sprocket), types. Exchange price would depend on the condition of your unit, especially the state of the sprocket teeth, and any wear corrugations on the sides of the slots, either of which greatly devalue your unit. My contact details are in every Yowl, under Eastern Section Details.