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You can easily refit three heavier springs alternately with the lighter ones, and that should do the trick. The spring retaining nuts should be tightened down so that their outer slotted face is flush with the ends of the studs, or a bit tighter if there is still a bit of slip, but don’t overtighten them or the springs could get ‘coil bound’. Do you have the three 3/8″ diameter solid thrust pins or the adjustable type with locknuts ? They need to be adjusted so that there is a few thou” clearance between their inner ends and the ring of the thrust bearing. The thrust bearing MUST NOT be under constant load or it will rapidly wear out. It should only spin when the clutch is being used. Refer to ‘Technicalities’ for more information.

I would suggest that a 24 tooth sprocket is far too big except for racing, and exacerbating the clutch slip problem. Assuming you have a 19″ rear wheel, a 21 tooth sprocket is what you need.