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Lewis, In your early post on this thread you said that the engine ran, after a fashion, with the old pistons which had seized rings and onlygave around 25psi compression pressure. With your new pistons the 120 thou ring gap does not seem particularly excessive if you allow for the peg. I remember some research carried out quite a few years ago when new rings were fitted to a Ford(?) engine and the gaps increased in stages up to, I think, 60 thou before there was any noticeable effect on performance! I don’t think that your ring gaps would prevent it starting.
Were the plugs getting wet with fuel when you were trying to start it? If not, the liner base seals or the transfer port seals could be an issue. I think it is a matter of re checking everything yet again until you find what has been missed.
If you would like me to take the bike down to the canal for you just ask, you don’t even need to come with me!