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@Oldguy wrote:

“Distillation is energetically less efficient and has H&S risks so is essentially not used these days.”

Only if you do not know at what temperature the various dangerous fractions evolve at —

Sorry, were we talking water or something else —

We were talking water. I’m curious what these “dangerous fractions” you refer to that are present in water and why they are removed by one process but not another. I worked in research labs my whole career. We started out using distilled water (or double distilled for analytical applications). However, you’ll have to try hard to find a working water still in any lab these days. They cost a small fortune to run and the only way to clean the blasted things was to fill them with acid. Essentially all purified water these days is produced using reverse osmosis (RO: equivalent to single distilled) or RO followed by ion exchange (equivalent to double distilled). Even Brita water filters produce deionised water – they certainly do not distill. Personally, I stick rain water or condensate from dehumdifiers in my vehicles but I would not hesitate to stick in “deionsed” water if it was handy.