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Personally, I don’t like the Three-Jet Binks, but I’ve had lots through my oily hands over the years, and have lots of bits for them. The entire float chamber assembly on the later ones is exactly the same as on the Scott-Amal carb, so parts for the float chamber are readily available ‘off the peg’. The petrol level with the bike standing on level ground, and not on the stand, should be JUST below the top of the first, flush, jet, so that mixture is readily sucked out of it at kickstart engine speed by the proverbial venturi effect. It sounds as if yours is fractionally too high, so your float needs tweaking downwards with a washer or two on top of the float where it sits on the step in the float needle. While you are at it do check that the taper on top of the needle is in perfect condition. If there is any sign of a wear ridge do renew the needle.
Onwards and upwards !!