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Richard Blackburn


There is precious little info available about the pumps surprisingly. On TT Reps they are mounted in a tube that is soldered along the underside of the tank. The tube has a passageway internally that is fed from the main oil tank. It also has a tube within the main tube to act as a porting block with some holes drilled.

The design of the two tubes is especailly good at collecting all the gunk in the bottom of the oil tank and then clagging up.

The front end of the tube has a union that tees off, one to each cylinder wall oiling port in the block. The rear end of the tube has a cable union to allow cable operation from usually the left hand inverted lever. The left hand conventional lever operates the clutch.

Inside the pump is a spring loaded piston with a couple of ports in it. Pulling the cable compresses the spring and pumps oil into the cylinder wall pipes, on return the ports allow oil to refill the piston chamber. Sadly I did not take any pics when I rebuilt mine.

Is it a good idea? In theory yes, in practice I’ve never seen the point other than originality to connect it. If you are going up a long hill and want more oiling you can just close the air lever a little.