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Eddie Shermer

Sorry Butch,
I’ve just read what I put and realised I was giving you a load of bum information.
The balance tube is soldered across the two centre tubes that go down into the forks. These are a push fit into the underside of the yoke and are held up into it by the top nuts. The yoke can be taken off the top without disturbing it, but I have found it easier to dismantle the forks from the bottom up, as the top can be difficult to get off if it is corroded or has been glued on to stop leaks. With the forks apart you are left with the two centre piston rods joined by a length of soft copper tube!
To dismantle the forks, take off the top nut, undo the pinch bolts and pull down the outer tube as far as it will go then use the special tool to undo the piston from the top of the lower leg down inside the tube. Lower leg and outer tube will then drop out of lower yoke. You can now lift off top yoke complete with centre rods, which can now be separated more easily if desired.
New seals are available from the spares scheme if you are a club member.