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Just stunning brakes, I like that one.

Now to the lubrication System. I have read the article that Eric referred to and inspected the bike on the Villiers Auto lube system and found that the auto lubrication at the end of 1930 was an option. One could have auto lube and premix. https://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~pattle/nacc/arc0596.htm As there is no fitting attached to the crankcase to supply pressure to the oil tank I can only assume that this was a premix. I have decided that I have two options: 1/ leave it as it is or 2/ I could always fit one of Rogers fittings to the base of the barrel where there is a fitting that has been plugged and make it like a Scott pilgrim pump that has been turned into a dripper.

Some other examples of the Dunelt with different two stroke oil applications. The first is a Dunelt with its own supercharged two stroke motor and a Pilgrim pump.

An early example of a different oil supply system on a 500cc Dunelt.