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Hi Geoff, I neglected to make a note of the date, so that will have to wait until I next visit, or another member has a look. Somewhere I have original copies of the various letters sent to dealers announcing the liquidation, and at least one of the letterheads is overprinted with the Burrows and Kitchen names. I also have some paperwork showing different addresses for them in the Shipley area where they were keeping a 1928 works TT Scott and sidecar, or at least an outfit carrying the numberplates of one…. It had been continually taxed by the works for many years, including throughout the war, so it was probably the works hack, or a means of getting extra petrol coupons. If they also squirreled (!) away a load of engines and gearboxes before the liquidators moved in maybe Matt Holder didn’t know when he bought the company, and so bought them in a separate deal later from Burrows and Kitchen ? All a bit murky I suspect, and typical of the asset stripping that goes on when many companies go bust. Further research required !