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Strange how they have both been given dates about two years older than their true dating !!!

The early Squirrel, possibly a converted Standard (?), looks nice, apart from the much more modern wheel rims and tyres. It should of course have beaded edge rims, known as ‘clincher’ rims in the USA. It also has a very scruffy radiator, but nothing that couldn’t be put right fairly easily.

The red 1929 Flying Squirrel is well known in the UK, and was built up by Bernie Allen, better known as a Manx Norton specialist. I helped him with some parts in about 1987, a mere 27 years ago !! It featured in a magazine called ‘British Bike Mechanics’ in March 1988, and it was on the front cover, with a very good five page article written by Tim Holmes, and called ‘Red Alert, the fastest Scott in the West’. Said to be good for over 90mph….. The twin front brakes are two BSA A7 units welded back-to-back.