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Well, I’m truly fed up of both gardening and Scotts 🙁 After the weekend hedge/tree based activities I have a large Blackthorne spike impailed in my calf which resisted all (painful) attempts at removal by the (very pretty) staff nurse at the drop-in centre. Current thinking is that it is not good to open the wound to get it out so I have to wait about 1 week for it to fester before it should pull out….nice

My Scott is also still in lots of bits with no sign of a finish anytime soon. The meeting is just what I need to rekindle enthusiasm. Given the weather is looking better I feel Il have to come on a motorbike. Unfortunately, the only legal/working “motorbike” I have at the moment is the Cyclemaster. Knowing my current luck I shall be making most of the journey under pedal power. 😆