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It was a great meeting today made all the better for 2 (nearly) trouble free runs on the Scott. No coolant dribbles on the way back until I opened her up to 70 mph on ‘Ton’ lane after which there was a dribble until she cooled down through Lambley. I was finally able to relax and start to enjoy the Scott experience so feeling quite chuffed 😀 I’m not quite sure about risking a trip to my parents (Norfolk) but confidence is certainly increasing!

I did some checks after I got back from the mother-in-laws and the plugs were a nice chocolate brown and I had nice clean oil in the crakcase wells and nice oily big ends. Thus, all seems pretty good re the fueling/oiling. I still think I’m a bit lean at low throttle openings as I seemed to need that ‘tickling’ to get going. I’ll check the main jet and make sure I’m running a 200 and try raising the needle another notch to see if that helps.

Thanks Brian!