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Thanks Dave,
A Senior Moment ! I’ve changed it now and just hope that nobody turns up at 10pm…
Attendance is still mediocre, but marginally better than the evening meetings. After more than 20 years I am perhaps getting a bit jaded, and we are all getting older, but I’m not going to let it wither on the vine if I can help it ! The August meeting (12th) coincides with a British Two-Stroke Club run from a pub called The Lime Kiln in a nearby village called Cropwell Bishop, so I think we will go there and join in/spectate. Certainly the last time we did it, a few years ago, we were made very welcome, and you don’t have to be a BTSC member, neither does your machine have to be British, or even a two-stroke.
A very friendly and laid-back club, and a choice of route to suit everything from a 28cc Cyclemaster to a 596cc Scott Sprint Special.