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Hi Keith, I haven’t been in since the last SOC meeting, but I don’t think that the place has changed hands yet again. When we were last there a motor scooter rally had been there overnight, complete with a mobile stage for a band, and a burger van. Compared to some of those folk, we are positively refined !! They are also doing car boot sales on the paddock now. All these things might be a sign that the owners are getting desperate to increase turnover…..
Over many years and changes of owner, they have relied heavily on patronage by the John Deere tractor depot in Langar, as they hold almost weekly training courses for their agents from all over the country, and put them up for the duration of the courses. Without that business I think that they would be in trouble as I don’t think that they could make a living out of the Round Table, Probus, Rotary, and certainly not out of the SOC !