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Thanks for organising the meet, Brian. It was great to meet up! I’ll remember your name but apologies in advance to the others if I forget who you are in the future as I’m really bad with remembering names (albeit good remembering faces).

It was certainly a learning experience for me in many ways! Finding out that the front brake is pulled on slightly when the suspension collapses was the first. The lack of power, smoking front brake and hot engine eventually gave that particular game away. That then led to the discovery that my Scott doesn’t like re-starting when hot – hence not getting there for 10:00. Trying every combination resulted in the discovery that full throttle and no choke worked. Unfortunately, when trying to restart I must have slightly knocked the drain tap for the two stroke tank at some point. This proceeded to coat the back of the bike and tyre with oil and when I turned off the main road towards the pub I treated the car driver at the junction to what must have been a fairly impressive display of how to power slide a bike around a corner 😳 I really didn’t expect the trip to be so exhausting and adrenaline packed 😆 The return trip was much better as even the gearbox freed up a little. I started to enjoy the whole Scott experience and even managed to notice the suspension start to collapse so had no repeat of the previous problems. Clearly much work to do over the winter though!

I’ll think I’ll have to bring the Cyclemaster next time as it would probably have been just as fast………..

Thanks again,