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For anyone with no knowledge of Papplewick Pumping Station, I can add some information:- It is a magnificent, restored Victorian water pumping station, with two truly superb James Watt & Co beam engines, which will probably be in steam during the weekend of the 19th and 20th Oct. The engines were the last produced by James Watt & Co, and the engine house is almost a ‘Cathedral to Steam’, with stained glass windows, ornate ironwork, terracotta decoration in the brickwork, and all the usual polished brass. The engines are supplied with steam by a row of genuine Lancashire boilers, only one of which is normally required to keep the engines gently turning. There is also a working forge, and other displays, plus a narrow-gauge railway.
Over a million gallons of water is still pumped from the boreholes every day. (by modern electric pumps).