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I like to have things as original as possible on my restorations, and would put 1928 air in the tyres if I could, but of course compromises have to be made with things like tyres, cables, etc., if only for the sake of safety. Those old tyre pumps with the foot stirrup clip were originally celluloid covered, and as well as being HIGHLY flammable, it deteriorates with age quite badly, so finding a really good one is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. I have been able to find good ones in the past, but paying more than about £25 for one goes against the grain !
There are good quality replica ones about, or “repellicas” as my cousin calls all such things, together with some really horrible things from Asian countries that I need not be specific about…..
For various very nice quality replica items I can highly recommend https://www.vintage-replica.cz This is a chap called Jiri Horice, and he had a stand at the Stafford Show a couple of weeks ago that even had a rig showing his new Best and Lloyd Mark 2 oil pumps working. I bought from him a repro’ “Terry” rear stand clip that is just perfect, even down to the ribbing on the clip, all the original patent numbers, the word ‘Terry’, and the 1/2″ stamping on the bottom section. I paid just over £30 for it, whilst a certain well-known Yorkshire-based spares dealer is charging around £60 for a crude version of the same item, with no ribbing on the clip, and no maker’s stamping. Jiri also does various vintage headlamps, switches, inverted handlebar levers, solid-blade open levers, various magneto and air levers, silencers, kneegrips, handlebar rubbers, footrest rubbers, and much more. He is next in the UK at Netley Marsh autojumble if you want to avoid postal charges. No, I am NOT on commision, just a satisfied customer !!