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@Roger Hulett wrote:

At the end of the motor is a small cover plate. Underneath the plate are three terminals. No 1 terminal has a black wire from the capacitor and a red wire into the motor. No 2 terminal has a red wire into capacitor and the white wire from feed cable No 3 terminal has a green wire into motor and the red wire from feed cable and finally the blue wire from the feed cable is fixed to the body of the motor (earthed?)

OK! That makes sense!

I fink! ❗ 😉

Terminals 2 & 3 are the connections for the run windings.
Terminals 1 & 2 are the connections for the start windings, the condenser and centrifugal switch.

If you connect the mains supply to terminals 2 & 3 the motor should run.

The blue does indeed appear to be an earth connection.

As it is currently wired the motor is non-reverable. It can be reversed by moving one of the capacitor wires to terminal 3. If foreward & reverse is required, then the introduction of a Dewhurst switch with some small wiring changes will do the trick.