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@Roger Hulett wrote:

Excellent. Thankyou all for your input. Wired it up as suggested and it works perfectly. Now David,is it difficult to incorporate a Dewhurst switch for reversing the motor, and is it worth it ??

‘Tis a long time since I ‘Dewhusted’ my Southbend — me memory ‘aint wot it used ter be, 😳 gotta go boxfile digging for my wiring diagram.

It is an exercise well worth doing. Sooner or later for example you’ll want to cut a thread, maybe a new spindle, now depending on how your lathe is set up, (Norton gearbox? Threading dial indicator? Leadscrew metric or imperial?), you are going to want/need to leave the half-nut engaged to maintain register and therefore run the saddle back under power to the start for the next cut.

If your lathe experience is limited and even if not I can recommend a little book entitled “How to Run a Lathe” originally published by the South Bend Lathe company it is now available in a facimile edition, it contains just about all “man-in-a-shed” is likely to need.

Now I’ll go look for that wiring diagram . . . 😯