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Do NOT under any circumstances try and connect the cable to a domestic 13 amp plug and socket. A 3/4 hp motor draws a lot of current on start-up, and will burn the contacts in the switch. It must be wired to a combined starter/emergency cutout device. My old Myford lathe has this positioned at thigh height on the cabinet. It has a green start button and a red kill button on the front. If I were to get my sleeve caught up with the chuck, even both arms or the front of my overalls, I can just lean against the red button or bring my knee up to it in order to stop the lathe. I even keep a Stanley knife in the drip tray, to use in an emergency to cut through entangled clothing. My compressor also has a starter/cutout device on the top, and I never use the switch on the wall socket to turn it on or off. SAFETY FIRST !!