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Roy Fisher

I found this post interesting because I’ve been considering converting my B’ham Scott to electronic ignition but with a number of reservations. My machine is 12v and has a non standard Lucas 18D2 distributor, used originally I believe by Triumph. The distributor is new and unused so hopefully with little wear in the shaft. However it’s correct that checking with a strobe reveals that the ignition timing is far from constant. What I don’t know is if the source of this movement because of inherent problems with the distributor & its advance & retard mechanism or if the skew gears that drive it cause the problem. Or of course a combination of both. There is an electronic conversion available for this distributor which does away with the mechanical advance and retard, this function being carried out electronically, but if the skew gears are at fault then the exercise would be pointless. Does anyone have any views / experience etc. on this.

Thanks in anticipation.

Roy Fisher