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Bob Mather

Hi Jan,
With regards to electronic ignition on a Scott, although I can’t any answere questions regarding using a distributor.
I fitted a BT-H self generating electronic magneto to my 1932 blind head Flyer. It has fixed ignition timing and I set it to 33 degs. which was the maximum advance I used on the old Lucas maneto. On the road, it ran horribly below 40 mph as if the mixture was much too rich, which did not make sense. I tried both weakening the richening the mixture to extreems with no improvement just to prove it wasn’t the mixture. So I set the carb. back to where it was. I sent an e-mail to BT-H for information, but it was completely ignored.
I then retarded the ignition to 29 degs. which made a big improvement, but not prfect, so I will knock it back a degree or two sometime. All of this seems to indicate you will need much less advance if fitting electronic ignition.

Bob Mather.