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Jan Buchwald

Here is (part of) my correspondence with Boyer Bransden, I think I will give it a try next winter:

Question: I am having trouble with a distributor mounted Scott (6 volt) and want to change the ignition to electronic.
The distributor is a Lucas DKX2A type AX1 (Centrifugal advance commences at 300 -500 rpm (distributor) and gives maximum advance of 17 – 20 degrees at 2,900 rpm.)
The distibutor is basicly the same as used on BSA C10 -C11, but on the Scott it is running at engine speed ( two stroke engine).
I am not sure how the higher revs will influence on the advance, or doesn’t it matter because there is a spark in the exhaust stroke too.
There are room for a 60 mm pick up plate.
My idea is to use the kit for BSA singles, and maintain the distributor part.
I am aware that there are some adaptions.

Answer: If you convert to 12 volt and you can engineer a stator and rotor into your distributor I would recommend using a Micro Power box for a Z400-1000 Kawasaki along with a Micro Power dual coil, don’t use the distributor, you can have dummy wires from it. (Fire every 180 deg. this works well).. This will give about 20 deg.advance by 3000RPM and supply sparks to way over 10k. If you give us the sizes for your distributor we will supply the nearest stator and rotor and supply the Z500 kit with with coil and your bits at the same cost. I would recommend you convert to 12 volt Negative earth, the dynamo can be repolarised if positive at the moment.. Use a good quality sealed 12 volt battery.

Qestion: Thank you for the answer, but!! As the Scott is a two stroke, if it fires every 180 dg,, it will fire in the “filling” stroke, where one piston is at the buttom, having just filled the eksplotion chamber with fumes. Thats why I want to keep the distributor.

We know all modern two strokes work like this with no trouble, also the Silk’s have run this system. On the KH250 we fire every 120 deg. the mixture is to heavy to fire unless compressed. Yamaha thought it improved combustion by ionising the air round the uncompressed plug.

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