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Might the factory record indicate to where and whom frame number 2871 was despatched? As far as I know it began life as and always remained a 1929 Sports Squirrel. It has a single down tube frame with the long fuel tank with beaded top edge and front/rear oriented equal-sized fuel/oil filler caps, 7″ front brake, tall head tube and sidecar lug. It was fitted with a magdyno and electric lighting about 8 years ago. It also has a fascinating Bonniksen isochronous speedometer.

The previous owner, Graham Podd of Arkansas, bought the bike from Ron Farthing’s agency in July 2006. Prior to that the Scott was owned by Mike Sherwin of Gosport, Hants, who said that this engine (now using drip oiling only and utilizing a Binks 3-jet carb) was fitted before he bought it, perhaps by Owen Greenwood, from whom he bought it, and who reportedly had sprinted it. Does anyone know any additional history on this bike or how to lead me to it? Any further references to racing, or photos I might find? Unfortunately my collection of Yowl newsletters only extends back to December 2005.

Duncan Charlton
Elgin, Texas
(no longer flooded today)