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Ian Parsons

The VMCC Library has the Scott Despatch records and they would be able to give you the original specification for Frame No 2871. I only have access to these if I travel there. The original Engine No would possibly been between 2400 – 2450. UT is a Leicestershire Registration Number and I believe the Leicestershire County Council still have their records so they may be able to tell you who the first owner was.
The records the Club have show that J W Greenwood who lived near Bromyard, Worcestershire owned it in 1985, not Owen Greenwood of racing fame. It was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 1989 and offered for sale by Andy Tiernam Classics in June 1989. I do not know who they sold it to but in November 1996 It was advertised by Brian Verrall, a well known dealer, in Classic Motorcycle magazine. The next record I have is of G Podd owning it in December 2007. It is possible that some older members may remember the bike so an appeal in Yowl may yield results.