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Hi. There should be a spring-loaded solid brass plunger that engages with the serrations on the underside of the adjuster wheel. The pointer does not normally move independently of the dial, and just serves as a reference point when adjusting the setting. For instance you could move it by slackening off the centre screw to give you say, a vertical position when turned off, then when you turn it on you will find by experiment where to turn it to in order to achieve the desired flow rate, eg. ”3 o’clock”, “6 o’clock”, etc., a couple of drops per minute being about right for normal road use. With modern aerosol chain lube these things are really redundant, but it is nice to keep them for the sake of history and originality.
The oil sealing within the tap was always a bit crude, with a thick leather washer being about it ! To seal the joint into the tank there should be a hard red fibre washer, but use plumber’s PTFE thread sealing tape as well, for a 100% leak-free connection.