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I looked into this whole issue as my Scott is boiling over with the smaller radiator I have had fitted and independently came to the same conclusion. The main problem with the waterless coolants is that the engine will overall run hotter. I don’t know much about Scotts but in my experience of 2 strokes this is a bad thing 😛 The actual heat capacity of these coolants is less than water so for the same amount of heat given out by the engine the temperature of the waterless coolant will go up more than water. With an efficient water pump and a good radiator this is not a problem and in fact the waterless coolants improve heat flow by preventing localised boiling.

I have filled my Scott system with distilled water plus a bottle of water wetter (which does have some anti-corrosion additives) and when I can get chance to test it (ha ha) I will report back. My hope is that the better heat capacity of pure water (compared to anti-freeze solutions) plus the improved heat transfer of the water wetter may just allow my radiator to keep its cool. The other advantage is that my radiator no longer leaks! Mind you I had better remember to drain down in the autumn……