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Tony Kitching

I can’t believe some of the fuel consumptions we are talking about here. My first and second Scotts, a ’39 and ’47 F.S. would always manage better than 50mpg. I’m not sure the exact tank capacity, but providing you brimmed it before setting out, we could do Doncaster to Hornsea, (one of our regular runs), without filling up. That’s about 120 miles I think. I don’t check my present Scott, a ’47 F.S. but if anything, it’s even better. I do a few runs with the Two Stroke Club without filling up, these are usually about 130 miles door to door. It’s not easy to check carburation on a Scott, of course the best way is to look at the plugs, (a plug chop), but with the hit and miss lubrication of the Pilgrim pump the plugs may not tell the true story, and even if the carburation is correct, you won’t get good clean acceleration with good 2 stroking if the crankcases are full of oil.
My present bike is converted to petroil lubrication, I take out the plugs once per year, they are always a lovely mid brown colour, then I put them back in. I know the purists won’t like it, but it works for me and I just wish I could get the forks to be as maintenance free.
Tony Kitching