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Hi Bob,

thanks for the answer. Ok, as I thought, so little bit of work extra 🙂

One more think, how big influence has the final pipes? I made the coffee pot and the pipes by original drawings by John Underhill, there are two pipes, each 32 mm OD. This make 29,6 mm inner diameter (space 688 mm2) with short pipes at the coffee pot on which are the pipes mounted with ID 27 mm (572 mm). Is this enough? Just thinking if there is Ok to have pressure, what the stream in the coffee pot could do, if it’s going out from both tubes or if the pressure doesn’t allow to split the gas to both tubes and each cylinder is going to one pipe? There could be solution to remake the short pipes going out of the coffee pot to outside mounting of the pipes, so there could be at least 29,6 mm diameter and not smaller.

On the drawings are also overlaps of the exhaust pipes inside of the coffee pot. In my original product, I made it as it’s on the drawing. I thought it has probably some influence. Is it correct if the pipe inside is ending by strait cut or should it be cut together with the inner surface of the coffee pot?

Thanks a lot, best regards,