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Bob Mather

Hi Martin,
The new mounting is the best as it causes no restriction to gas flow using 32mm pipe. Cut back the exhaust pipes from the cylinders, they do not need to stick far into the coffee pot. The exhaust gasses will flow down both exhaust pipes from both cylinders. The 32mm outlet pipes would be better cut to follow the curve of the coffee pot wall for better gas flow. Do not cut the 32mm pipes too short as the 29.6mm pipes need to push in at least 45mm to stop leakage. A much better alternative is to use the same diameter pipe as the exhaust pipes,29.6 mm, take a short length of this pipe to the local exhaust pipe fitter and get the ends expanded to form a socket to fit over the over the 29.6 mm exhaust pipes, a neater job and less likely to leak.