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Hi Tony,
Is the jig now theirs ?….or did you take it home with you ? I ask because if they now have a jig, subsequent pipes should in theory be less money. I know Den at Alldens, as they had ago at making 2″ L/H pipes for me in stainless, but they struggled to get a tight enough bend on the pipe from the L/H cylinder, so that it could enter the main sweep of the system at an angle whilst still missing the L/H downtube of the frame. Most replacement 2″ L/H pipes have taken the easy option and had the L/H short pipe entering the main sweep at about 90 degrees, which is awful as it disrupts the flow from the R/H cylinder, spoiling the performance considerably. If any readers of this decide to pay them a visit, it can be a VERY difficult place to find, and is situated in what used to be the M.T. workshops of the former RAF Faldingworth, a VERY secret place during the Cold War years as a large proportion of our atomic weapons were stored there, in extensive underground facilities, with Greenham Common very much in second place. Expect large potholes ! I had to make several trips there before I was happy with the results, and I don’t live close by….. Cost me a small fortune in petrol !