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Tony Kitching

Hi Brian, they kept the jig and it looked a very simple thing to me to produce such a complex shape. In so far as the shape is concerned, it appears to be an exact copy of the Armours one. I have to say that at first they were not keen on taking on the work as they said Scott owners were too picky. That wouldn’t have been you Brian would it? Anyway I assured them that if it fitted and looked ok they wouldn’t have any trouble from me. It took about 30 minutes to fit and looks fine. Of course, like all stainless pipes it turns a straw colour but I can put up with that. In so far as getting there, I just put the post code ( LN8 3WA ) into the sat nav but have to admit that otherwise I would probably still be looking.
It sounds a bit like I’m their ad-man which I’m not, but when my old pipe finally gave up the ghost after I had bodge welded it a couple of times, I needed a new one and remembering the problems I had with the Armours one I decided to give them a try, mainly because they were only about 20 miles away.
Hope this helps.
Tony Kitching