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Your Scott is a Flying Squirrel or “Flyer” in SOC parlance. If you call it a Squirrel it will cause confusion with a different model of lighter construction and with a two-speed transmission and no conventional gearbox. The 1927 Flyer should have a transverse front “coffeepot” expansion chamber with pressed or maybe spun steel endcaps, and TWO separate tailpipes of fairly small bore. The club should have a detailed drawing as one was done by the late John Underhill many years ago, and I used a copy of it when I restored my 1927 Flyer. I found that it was pretty noisy as there is no proper silencer at all, but at speed it made a fabulous note, the true YOWL ! The factory was aware that they were a bit raucous, and offered two auxiliary silencers as an extra. These were a cut-down version (shorter) of the usual Howarth silencer fitted to vintage Flyers, TT Replicas, and Sprint Specials. Again the Club should have a detailed drawing, and Ken Lack and Tim Sharp used to sell them ready made.