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Hi members and guests,
First can I suggest to the one or two guests who appear almost every time I am in line to join the Club. That will add a few to the total. There is rarely another member on line during my time.
I am not convinced that Facebook is the answer, as it just becomes another instrument for us to spend time on.
I really enjoy the forums but there is a lack of info. sometimes and I feel that I am being a pest but appreciate the help that is given. Distance is the biggest enemy and if there was a way to improve that it would be a winner.
I have generally been helped so much by members that I feel that I want to reward them for that help!
So I am an advocate of developing the forums etc to a stage that all members can get the help they need and also share their ideas and online fellowship if that is possible.
It’s lonely down here, fellows.
Keep up the good work and the communication, it’s important.
Peter S.