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richard tann

This is an interesting post, with some very good points raised. May I add some factual information for your consideration.

I have been mem sec of the SOC since 2004, and during this time the membership has always been steady in the low 700’s. When I took over it was 728. The peak was about 735 in 2008, in 2015 it was 702. So a decline, but not as dramatic as has been suggested, especially if you take into account machines sold and the average age of our membership. The problem for our membership levels is that every year about 50 leave, and 40 fresh members join. It would be useful to find a way to keep at least some of those leavers, sadly the majority go without explanation, but some do come back years later. It’s easier to keep an existing member than to find a new one, so the Club has to provide good reason and unique facilities to make all members sure to renew.

Richard Tann