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Kevin N Bayliss

That’s great Brian, I’ll have a look later on, this is just an experiment for now to see how it is or is not used, also to see if by using modern technology we can attract new and younger members. As I’ve seen for many meetings being advertised pleading for new members and old ones to attend has to get frustrating. Why are people not wanting to attend these meetings. My local meeting costs me over half a day, approximately 140 miles and I Do not travel the furthest, I leave at 10:40 and get home at approx 17:30. I would have thought most sections would have a high attendance around bigger towns rather than rural as myself.

Also I am looking at getting a page set up in this site and if possible on the Scott forum area to list services that are available to all existing and new or potential owners, at the moment if you do not know who can carry out repairs etc or have limited knowledge of such you may well think it’s more trouble than it’s worth getting a Scott.
I have already asked several people for an introduction to themselves and services they provide. So far response has been good so I will be putting all this information together and once I have been able to contact the webmaster to see if this can be incorporated into the site somewhere I’m hopeful it will continue to grow and show that there are many willing people around to help with your problems and not on a need to know basis.

Look forward to comments or suggestions and if you have a service you can provide please get in touch with me at


Or indeed any articles you would like to see in Yowl