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Hi Kev, you ponder why members don’t attend meetings, I ask myself the same question! I, along with 4 or 5 fellow members, regularly attend our monthly meetings (Midland Section). We would love to welcome any other local members to join us & swell the ranks (according to the membership register there are up 40 (active?) paid up members in our catchment area). I put an appeal in February’s “YOWL” to try & tempt some/anyone to make contact & give us a try. What was the response? yes, you’ve guessed – absolutely none! I can only conclude this is down to simple apathy or just disinterest. A lot has been said regarding an aging membership & meagre interest from younger enthusiasts. I am increasingly coming to accept that our club is dying on it’s feet & that makes me very sad. I will however, keep trying to fan the embers!