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As a relatively new member of the club I fall into many of the categories described above.
I now have my first Scott, bought from another club member, a type of machine I have long admired. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and can fettle most mechanical things given the limited tools I have available. Alas I also qualify for the “old” category but this does not mean I cannot use a computer or the internet. My main problem/ benefit is that I live in Cumbria in the north of England and most of the active club members, meetings and suppliers are a very long way from here. In my circumstances it would be good if more use was made of the Club website, for instance the spares page is years out of date and the list of badges and regalia still carries prices from a bygone era.
I know it is simple for me to sit here and suggest that “somebody” should do something but I think we need to embrace Kevin’s suggestions and ideas if the club is to survive. To that end I would encourage members to use his new Facebook page and have just posted a picture of my bike, but it needs so much more than this.
I suspect like many, my knowledge of the quirks and intricacies of Scott motorcycles was and still is very limited but unless the knowledge is spread and kept alive in a manner that people like me can understand it will die. I use the club forum on a daily basis just to see what’s going on and it is startlingly obvious that without a small band of helpful people, they know who they are, who seem to have suggestions and advice on every problem the forum would be next to useless.