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David J Waring

Hello Russell,
It was I who, over the Xmas holiday 1997 (quite a story), bought your late Father’s veteran (1913!) FH 2949, which carried your Grandfather’s silver disc St Christopher fixed flat on top of the front mudguard at the very front. Your Grandad used it for years on the dashboard of his Scott Sociable in trials, so it was very special to your Dad, but he knew that I wanted to enter the 1998 Pioneer Run, so he let me retain it for good luck until I had successfully completed the run, after which I gratefully returned it to him. I kept in touch with your Dad regarding FH 2949, as well as the fifth surviving Scott Sociable which I had “rescued” in 1996 from a field in Derbyshire until your Mother informed me of his passing.
I would like to chat with you further if you would kindly email me – my details are in Yowl’s opening pages under SECTION INFORMATION North West Section.
I look forward to hearing from you

P.S. Good to speak with you; photos sent.