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Colin Hough

Guys, my original post is coming up to 7 years ago so I can say what I did (which is very non-original).

i) I got a 1/8 x 1/4 crossover from a local plumbers’ merchant and it had a full bore i.d. This made refitting the oil tank/oil supply line really easy.
ii) I got 8mm cupro-nickle pipe and banjo from a local hydraulic hose supplier for cars along with some fancy washers/oil seals that work well.
iii) I put an on/off valve in a horizontal run, also from the plumbers’ merchant
iv) I actually bent the pipe by hand, however, I filled it with sand to prevent it buckling (and cleaned it out real well afterwards!!!)
As regards, the thread of the Pilgrim pump, I do not know what thread it actually is as I used the original male ‘bolt’ which has a cut-out for the oil flow. However, from memory, this had a straight thread so the issue with rapid tightening of a 1/4″ BSP thread suggests that the male thread is wrong.