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An Allen Motor Scythe eh ? My, you know how to be a masochist don’t you ? As if owning Scotts wasn’t enough…..
When 3.00×21″ rear, block tread tyres were virtually unobtainable, about 25 years ago, my brother-in-law, the late Doug Wright, robbed an ancient tyre from an Allen Scythe, and put it on his Scott Sprint Special, the ex-John Hartshorne machine that is currently owned by Martin Heckscher. Boy, was it age-hardened !?
Having used said Allen Scythe, I can confirm that they work very well, once you have managed to start the engine with a length of old clothes line, and not got tangled up with the rope… Pretty lethal though, and children, dogs, etc., have to be kept well away ! Excellent in long, overgrown grass on lawns, orchards, etc.. I used to think that those big disc wheels could be used on a Scott Sociable, with a bit of modifying.