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Brien I many years ago had a job part of it was demonstrating and selling garden machinery including the feared Allen scythe if you think that they were iffy try a Lloyds sickle mower . Spec a vertical shaft a pulley at the top atriangle plate at the bottom with 3 mower sections { as on A S cutter bar} same motor as the feard beast a v belt with a twist to convert from horizontal to vertical drive all bolted to a pair of angle irons with a pair of H D pram wheels not a guard to be seen upon pulling the starter cord it was 50/ 50 as to the brute remaining on its wheels or on its side if the latter the demonstrator if wise retired sharpish and waited until the carb flooded and the motor died. this is a true description that even now at 70 plus I think of as a dream.By the way the correct tyres for the Allen scythe were 21″knobelies with the inner knobs removed to stop the long grassfrom winding around the axels . Regards D F .
So sorry for booring the boots off of everyone.