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lewis onions

I had belived that the first reference to Squirrels in relation to Scott Motorcycles was in 1921 with the introduction of the Squirrel model. However posted elsewhere on the internet is a picture of what I think is two of the entrants in the 1911 A-CU Six Days Trial – follow this link:


The picture was taken by Reverend Hodgkin, an early Scott (and other motorcycles) owner. I seem to remember that the bikes were identified as a 1911 model and a 1912 prototypoe and there are corresponding pictures of all three bikes in the team and their riders in John Underhill’s books.

The interesting and relevant thing here is the mascott on the top of the headlamp of the second bike – clearly a soft toy version of a Squirrel.

Perhaps the Squirrel name was adopted earlierand transferred to the sports model later. Certainly Jeff Clew suggests that the Six Days Trial ridders had some hand in the development of the Squirrel. Any comments, thoughts or proper information gratefully accepted !