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Thanks for the offers but I managed to find a useable flywheel at the VMCC Founders Day rally. It is an early 4 hole one (mine is a 6 hole) but it should be OK. The problem with my old flywheel was that it had been very much reduced in diameter so much so that adding extra weight (relatively close to the flywheel axis) wouldn’t have been of much use (force x distance, angular momentum and all that kind of thing!)

I spotted the flywheel fairly early in my search which was a pleasant surprise but I wasn’t totally sure if it was a good one so I held of buying it and went for a stroll. I was the even more surprised to bump into Roger Moss himself so he was able to look at the flywheel and confirm that it would probably do the job.
(Thanks again Roger).

It will of course need new sprockets and maybe some other general renovation. Roger is going to weight up this flywheel too as I’m looking to have my engine set up for fairly gentle road use so flywheel mass is a good thing!

So, unless someone has an immaculate 6 hole flywheel I think I’m sorted. 😀

Thanks again,

Pete P.