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I’m also taking another engine, a rare 1934 LFZ motor, totally stripped for your inspection and rebuilding. Lots of NEW parts included, such as main bearing rollers, big-end rollers, a full gasket set, including cylinder head, carburettor studs, a set of 16 high tensile cylinder head studs, and 16 new chrome deep cylinder head nuts. Also new are the gudgeon pins, chromed transfer port bolts, etc.. Please note that it is a 596 engine, not the 498 suggested by the engine number. The barrel is on about +.015″, and the pistons are +.030″ so the bores can have a minimum clean-up hone, and then the pistons turned down to suit them, at which time new piston rings will of course be needed. Loads of metal in the cylinders for future rebores ! £975.